Cutting Edge History

History from the Sharp End

Cutting Edge History is a small company specialising in historical weaponry, armour and accoutrements. 

Initially trained in swordsmithing and armour making, we specialise in pattern welding, sometimes known as Valyrian steel or Damascus.  We can create blades of pinpoint historical accuracy or tweak and design them to your specifications. 

Working within the film industry and for private clients over thirty years, we now produce a huge range of bespoke historical and fantasy items.  From CNC and laser cut metalwork, to hand forged or EVA armour, to bows both traditional and PVC as well as arrows of course.

Our PVC bows are the film industry standard and can be safely 'dry fired' and left strung. Our arrows are designed specifically for accurate and safe use with our bows, or can be produced as set props. We are also able to provide fine leather work such as quivers, baldricks, armour and shields. 

We can supply small single and low volume production casting, in resin and foam. Historical inks and writing materials including papyrus and quills.

From the tiny to the vast we can also supply full size siege machines including trebuchet's, claws and ballista.

We also provide training in the use of all our weaponry and armour, from archery to swordsmanship.

Founded by Historian, and Master Armourer and Swordsmith Magnus Sigurdsson all our work is created with clinical historical detail and research.